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How to and economically deal with lead based paint (LBP) issues while maintaining regulatory compliance is the focus of Straight Line Environmental, Inc. service in the area of lead based paint. Lead occurs as both a natural element found in the ground (or as dust in the air) and as part of man made materials.

We are all exposed to varying amounts of both source types of lead. Exposure to large doses of lead in a short period of time or chronic exposure to lower doses over longer periods of time can result in serious adverse health affects.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. performs lead based paint investigations (surveys), project design/specifications, air monitoring, abatement oversight, and development of Operations & Maintenance Plans (O&M Plans).

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. approach to the lead issue is focused on keeping abreast of current regulatory changes and advising our clients with respect to compliance and potential lead health and/or legal related problems.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment (EA) encompass all necessary ecological and environmental aspects of a project relating to potential pollution problems that may be generated by construction or facility operation. An environmental assessment is used for any action prior to decision making on these projects; it is designed to provide sufficient information and site analysis to demonstrate the impact of the project on the quality of the human environment. Environmental Assessments indicate the a) and Environmental Impact Statement is required, or b) a Finding of No Significant Impact is issued.

As part of the EA investigation, we research relevant land resources, soils, geologic setting, and mineral resources. We review water resources and air quality data, as available. An integral part of our EA is an in-depth review of "Living Resources" ( i.e. wildlife, vegetation, ecosystems and biologic communities,  and agriculture). "Cultural Resources" studies are conducted, as necessary. Our Environmental Assessments also include a review of both current and past socioeconomic condition, resource use patterns, and other issues such as wilderness areas, sound and noise, and public health and safety. Careful attention is given to out assessment of the environmental consequences of the report.