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There are more than one-hundred thousand identified species of fungi existing naturally in our environment today. Species have existed for millions of years, are generally present throughout the world at ambient airborne levels, and have limited negative impact on mankind. Upon germination, fungi become mold. Germination or reproduction of fungi occurs when fungi, which are naturally present in building materials (such as ceiling tiles, ceiling insulation, fireproofing, drywall, plaster, carpet and/or pad, insulation, etc.), are exposed to moisture. As long as the moisture is present the fungi will reproduce (grow).

We are constantly exposed to thousands of different types of fungi in our everyday lives. Certain types of fungi tend to exist naturally in soils, plants, fruits, and textiles in our environment. Exposure to these fungi in naturally occurring doses is generally not harmful to our health. Exposure to these fungi at levels which exceed those naturally existing in the environment may be harmful.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm specializing in microbial investigations, project design, and remediation strategies. We specialize in assisting our clients in evaluating the cause and extent of loss in complex situations. Complex projects may include situations which involve several potential causative events, require creative remediation design, involve immune compromised individuals, involve multiple environmental issues, etc.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. approach to the microbial issue is focused on understanding the needs and goals of our clients. Effective decisions are then developed balancing the client's goals.

Microbial Investigations

While it is possible to visibly see mold on a surface or smell mold in the air, it is not possible to know if those mold spores have become airborne. Just because you are seeing or smelling mold does not indicate the spores have become airborne. When molds become aerosolized (airborne) the issue becomes much greater because there are then potential personal injury implications as well as substantial contetns cleaning recommendations which will need to be followed to remediate the structure.

The only state which has enacted legislation at this time is the State of California. Senate Bill 732 requires that any person who sells residential, commercial, or industrial property and knows or has reasonable cause to believe that mold is present, must provide a written disclosure to potential buyers.

A visual inspection is an important first step in any microbial investigation. Unfortunately, molds thrive in environments where there is a lack of ventilation such as wall cavities, subfloors, beneath wall/floor coverings, behind vapor barriers, and above ceiling tiles. Therefore, when microbial growth is suspected it is critical to investigate all areas thoroughly for potential moisture impact.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. performs microbial investigations which consists of spore trap Air-O-Cell sampling in potentially impacted or high risk areas as well as outdoor samples, which will be used as a baseline comparison. Once the information is complied, the results are documented in reports detailing building description, mold locations, as well as condition. Sample and material location maps, correct action cost estimates, and photographs are frequently included.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. will make recommendations as to how to best handle any mold issue based on cost, client goals, future renovation or demolition plans, if any, and the condition and location of contaminated materials.