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Straight Line Environmetnal, Inc. has vast experience in dealing with regulatory compliance issues. These regulatory agencies include Region IX EPA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) as well as Maricopa County (NESHAP). Many of SLE's clients unfortunatlety, are dealing with regulatory problems. These clients are located throughout the southwest.


Many of these past SLE clients faced severe monetary penalties due to non-compliance. SLE has worked directly with the regulatory agencies, as well as the clients, in bringing them into compliance while reducing potential fines and in many cases have eliminated monetary fines altogether. This was due to the direct negotiations and constant communication with all regulatory agencies (local, state, and federal) and is a small part of the services SLE offers our clients. SLE has maintained a exceptional working relationship with all regulatory agencies in handling non-compliance difficulties. As well as expert testimony.


Some of the other services that SLE offers its clients include but are not limited to Asbestos, Lead, Microbial, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Environmental Due Diligence, Phase I,II, and III Site Assessment, Environmental Compliance Audits and Assessments.


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