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Environmental Consulting Services

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Straight Line Environmental, Inc. (Straight Line - SLE) designs and executes creative environmental solutions for business while protecting our clients from potential liability exposure. We base our approach on the concept that knowledge about environmental issues facilitates the sale, purchase, renovation, or demolition of a property.

Straight Line Environmental, Inc. is a unique environmental consulting firm. Our staff consists of industrial hygienists all of whom have years of experience in the environmental arena. We provide the highest quality service utilizing experts experienced in that particular environmental problem at issue.

Clients include many of the Fortune 500, principally as a result of their past experience and because of the reputation of our firm. We do not entice or mislead our clients with exaggerated resumes. Rather, the level of experience, education, and integrity promoted by our literature is the same level of experience, education, and integrity possessed by our staff with whom you will work with. In addition, our projects reports are easy to understand, extremely user friendly, and produced in a timely fashion, according to our clients' needs.

Straight Line Environmental is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We strive to maintain our size because it enables us to maintain a level of economical quality control unattainable in larger firms today.